Top 10 Best Mobile SIM Networks in USA

In the United States of America, the mobile SIM card network is experiencing problems due to a large area and less network coverage. In addition, many network providers offer expensive services. Now with the introduction of 4G across the country, there is more competition to attract more potential customers by offering the best value for money. In the United States, you will find many MVNOs and attractive prepaid GSM subscriptions for different categories of customers. Some mobile operators are expensive but offer high speeds, while some are cheap but offer poor service, while others are speed and customer satisfaction. Although its network is so extensive, the United States is struggling with connectivity and stability issues. We have listed the best mobile SIM card providers in the United States.

The following rankings are based on research, polls, reviews, and surveys. Here is the list of best GSM and CDMA mobile SIM network in the USA:

1.Verizon Wireless

Verizon WirelessVerizon Wireless is the largest and most widely used mobile operator in the United States. Verizon Wireless offers some of the fastest 4G mobile Internet services, with download speeds of up to 11 Mbps and 3.5 Mbps. At peak times, it’s even possible to watch Full HD videos without intermediate storage. It offers consistent national coverage from coast to coast. According to the independent testing and analysis agency RootMetrics, Verizon offers the best connectivity, highest reliability and the highest average speeds in urban and rural areas. But your service contract, the high price ($ 60 – $ 750) and the non-refundable clause can delay you if your budget is tight. Verizon Wireless is the best of the best and it pays to pay a little more for your services.

2. T – Mobile

T – MobileThe T-Mobile SIM network was the weakest of the four main national mobile operators, but over time it has demonstrated its potential. GSM-based T-Mobile offers excellent value for money. All T-Mobile prepaid subscriptions come with unlimited calls,

text messages and data at very high speed. But the national coverage of the company is below the standards. If you live in a metropolitan area, you are probably safe, but going too far in the suburbs can cause connection problems.

With excellent monthly subscriptions, attractive and attractive prices, extensive offers for device selection and excellent speed, T-Mobile should be your first choice, especially if you live in the city.


AT&TThe AT&T network is one of the largest operators in the country. AT&T offers good speeds, solid coverage and excellent options for device selection, including tablets, access points, data cards and the latest mobile phones at subsidized prices. The LTE services in more than 650 markets offer fast data rates of on average more than 7 Mbps while offering the distinction of being the most expensive. If you are looking for a fast and stable solution with good national coverage, AT&T is for you. But the high price can be a critical factor.


SprintSprint manages one of the largest mobile networks in the country and offers features such as unlimited 4G, unlike others that limit usage. The best advantage of Sprint is the reasonable price and the best value for money. The weakest feature of Sprint is the network, although it includes more EE. UU. The T-Mobile (but less compared to Verizon or AT&T). You can find interrupted calls, weak signals or other connection problems. It offers an average speed of 4.4 Mbps, which is much lower than the others.


It offers low prices and unlimited data is not questionable, but low speed and poor connectivity can indicate problems.

5.U.S. Cellular

U.S. CellularThe US network of mobile SIM cards is one of the oldest in the United States, but it only covers a fraction of Americans. Although you can get 3G coverage across the country through partnerships with other providers, 4G LTE dominates in the United States. UU. They cover. Cell only Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, and some counties. One of the selling points of American Cellouts is the rewards program. Surprisingly, it is as expensive as AT & T and Verizon with the infamous contract plan.

United States Cellular is only worth if you should never travel beyond the coverage area. It is a solid alternative to some of the most important names in the region.

6.Cricket Wireless

Cricket WirelessThe wireless Cricket network acquired by AT&T works together with the strong AT&T network with fast 4G technology. Cricket competes with other cheap prepaid networks. The cricket package includes unlimited conversation, SMS and high and unlimited internet data transfer speed. It offers a high download speed that varies from 4 to 6 Mbps. The download speed can go up to 8 Mbps, while the basic speed can below. Customer service does not respond when it comes to changing devices. Regarding the price, they are a little higher than the offers.


Without any interruption of the contract, with good unlimited speed and support from AT&T, it is a good option for many.


MetroPCSMetroPCS is a prepaid provider offering a subscription with unlimited 4G data. It runs on T-Mobile, which offers the fastest data rate in the country. MetroPCS offers a series of competitive data plans starting at around $ 35 with unlimited calls, text messages, and limited data. And for $ 60, it offers super-fast and unlimited data. Because it works on T-Mobile, you can expect very high speed on LTE and good coverage, but it has very limited selection options for mobile devices, which usually include Android phones.


If you choose a smartphone available in the options of your device, it is really worth buying a MetroPCS SIM card because it offers exceptional speed at a very low price and affordable.


TingThe Ting SIM network is a virtual network operator or a mobile virtual network operator. Ting’s coverage is below the standards and runs on the CDMA Sprint network. It also does not offer unlimited conversation and text messages. Ting is not suitable for large users and does not mention the latest smartphones. Ting has excellent customer service.


The Ting network is very good for those who have minimal use of the phone because they only pay for what they use. It is not suitable for users of large data. Because it runs on the CDMA sprint network, you must ensure coverage in your region.

9.Consumer cellular

Consumer cellularMobile consumers do not offer unlimited calling or texting, but the limited number is cheap. Consumer Cellular offers much more flexible plans than others. The company offers two separate subscriptions in the form of calls and data, which vary from one price bar to the other. With the AT&T network, the mobile consumer offers good coverage and speed. Large users may not get much from this SIM card provider. The customer service is terrible and misleading.


AT&T offers solid coverage but has its limits. Mobile consumers are best suited for AARP members and retired families.

10.Boost Mobile

Boost MobileBoost is a prepaid SIM card provider and offers some of the most affordable pricing plans. Mobile Boost runs on the Sprint network. Therefore, if you have a mobile phone, you can try the cheap prepaid Boost package starting at around $ 30. It does not offer many device selection options, with the exception of Android and IOS. You may have problems with a call interruption or an Internet connection. Customer service is poor.


With the confidence of Sprint networks, speed and coverage and affordable prepaid mobile impulse subscriptions are a good option for those with a certain habit.


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