PUBG Mobile leak new female character with unique skill

sara According to reports, a new female character is addressing PUBG Mobile. According to a video released by popular forecast, Mr. Ghost Gaming, game developers PUBG Corp and Tencent Games are planning to add a new female character called “Sara” to the game. If this is true, Sara will be the second character in the game after Victor added in August. The revealed video also suggests that the character gets special skills like Victor that players can use in certain game modes.

Sara’s particular advantage is the ability to empower vehicles. Therefore, he is known as a “vehicle expert”, meaning the vehicle will suffer less damage than other vehicles if Sara is in the driver’s seat. The video also suggests that the benefit can be scalable and that players can unlock higher levels to increase the effectiveness of the benefit of playing with the character.

sara 1According to the information, the new character will be available in all modes of PUBG MObile. However, players can only use the advantages of EvoGround modes. This means that the vehicles cannot withstand the damage if Sara drives them in any other way, with the exception of EvoGround.

Meanwhile, Sara, the new female character, also had to offer exclusive costumes and emoticons, as she can receive new voice messages as well. Mr. Ghost Gaming suggests that these clothes and emoticons can be unlocked by improving the character level.
As we know, the 10th season of PUBG Mobile begins on November 9 with the update of version 0.15.5. The video suggests that with the new update of the season, clothing, weapons, vehicles and the theme, the next update will also include this new character. So far, the developers have yet to confirm anything about the new character.


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