Big Boss Season 3 Fun time with Suma Kanakala.

Bigg Boss competitors saw a special guest in the house on the occasion of Deepavali. They had a lot of fun with this special guest and celebrated the festival. This special guest is none other than presenter Suma Kanakala. When the music was heard, the candidates understood that a special person was coming to the house and when Suma stepped into her face with the dupatta, the participants believed it was Tamanna Simhadri. It seemed that way.

suma bb3


Suma walked through the house and looked every square inch of the house just to see what it was. From the kitchen to the bathroom you have seen almost every detail. As he walked into the kitchen, the candidates said, “This kitchen is the kingdom of Baba Bhaskar. He will not let anyone cook there. Only he will cook and not even eat when someone else is cooking. From the first day, he is only back.



In general, they enjoyed playing games.


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